5 Sense Festival is a tropical escape with a world class soundtrack.

The DJs are a carefully considered selection of international names and essential residents and include the likes of Behrouz, Francesca Lombardo, Thomas Schumacher, Supernova and Graham Gold, plus real stars from the underground such as Dirrty Dishes, Mikah, Axel Haube, Fake Shamans, Silky Thunder, Konrad Ritter and Salvo Salvatore and a specially selected team of 14 residents.

The second instalment will take place from 14-19 Feb 2019 on the paradise island of Koh Phangan, surrounded by the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells of Thailand.

We speak to the people behind it before the things kick off.

Who is behind 5 Sesnes and what are their skills and experiences?

The 5 Senses team is made up of a diverse group from around the world with extensive musical and event organization experience. Combined they have thrown hundreds of parties in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, San Francisco, Bangkok, Koh Phangan, and countless other party capitals worldwide.

How was the first event last year and what is new for 2018 at 5 Senses?

The first edition of 5 Senses Festival was a great success with almost 1000 attendees. The main difference for this year is the construction of our own festival grounds with a unique setting and breathtaking views of Koh Phangan. Attendees can expect a one of a kind setting for this year’s parties.

What is an average day in your life like?

As of late filled with work revolving around the festival and preparing the grounds for the 2019 edition.

Who is the festival for, who is it aimed at, what sort of experience do you offer?

The festival is for the people as any festival should be. We want to offer an experience that will be different for each person. 5 Senses Festival can be anything you want it to be and more. Its a place that we want for people to be themselves and be able to forget the every day grind if even for a short while. This island is filled with a unique energy that is honestly therapeutic and the festival is aimed at enhancing that for each individual.

You have a long list of residents - what makes them so important?

The residents are the heart snd soul of the party. We select these people very strictly and only choose those who we believe will make the festival what it needs to be. They’re part of our family and they help complete the 5 Senses experience

How important is diversity? Have you tried to book as many women as men?

Diversity is extremely important because it brings different backgrounds to the festival and enhances it. We have many talented female DJs around the island and who have worked with us so selecting them and adding them to the roster was an easy decision. We aim for diversity relating not only to gender but ethnic background as well. Our residents come from all over the world and you can hear this reflected in their music, and we think that’s important to give 5 Senses it’s unique flavor.

Where exactly will parties be held? Beaches, boats, jungle?

The festival will be held on our own land in Than Sadet in the jungles overlooking the ocean. Our team has been hard at work preparing the grounds to make them one of a kind.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s event?

We just can’t wait to see all the happy faces dancing in the crowd.

Do you consider the environment impact of the festival? Are you conscious about plastic use, waste, energy use and so on?

5 Senses is an eco friendly festival that places great importance on environmental impact. We stress the importance of recycling not only at our festival but in it’s construction. Much of the materials we use to build stages etc are recycled from our own land, and have been built into the jungle itself. We want to keep Koh Phangan beautiful and hopefully help spread awareness in the process. What are the most important things to get right with any party or festival, in your experience? Everything is important and has its place, but at its core the music has to be right. We spend a great deal of time organizing set times and choosing our artists so that the musical experience is more of a journey and tells a story.

What is the Asian scene like generally right now, is it in a good state? Are there lots of young DJs, dancers and producers?

The Asian scene has been strong for many years. Koh Phangan itself has a rich party history, and there are plenty of young performers to choose from. Our goal is to add to that and try to take it one step further.