B2B is a brand new party at Egg that offers exclusive back to back sets.

They are from carefully thought out pairs of DJs, rather than just randoms, and it kicks off with Pirupa and Leon back-to-back, with Alisha, Doorly, Jake Ream, Josh Newsham and many more making it a mouthwatering debut on February 22nd, with full ticket info here

Gavin Stockman and Juan Baiz are the pair behind the night, and as well as the back to back sets, there will be a floor of disco, a floor of new and up and coming talents and a fully immersive fancy dress theme.

Here we speak to the duo about the new event and how it came about.

Who is behind b2b? What are their back stories?

Gavin Stockman and Juan Baiz, who first met in Ibiza around 10 years ago, and have worked for the biggest clubs and brands on the island since then, with Juan currently working for Hi in the summer, and Gavin for Solid Grooves.

JB - Yeah a long time ago. We enjoy having an occasional Pitta at Ibiza Rocks dinner don't we - hahaha - where we used to threaten about knocking heads and starting an event and here we are...

Why get into promoting and not DJing like everyone else (!)? What do you love about hosting events?

GS - For me it's the whole process of the event from start to finish, it's very satisfying to see something you've created and shaped come to fruition, and seeing people having a great time in the environment you've created is rewarding.

JB - I first started as a DJ actually in 2009. Playing at local parties but has always been my dream to start an event with a tight, likeminded team. Watching the place go off after all those hours of work is a great feeling.

What promotional experiences do you have that have got you to the point of doing your own party?

JB - A lot of years of hard work. Working as PR in the summer walking along hot beaches selling tickets or giving out wrist bands for commission. The passion I had for it propelled me to managerial roles pretty quickly. Running teams to sell and promote the brands we were representing with confidence. A lot of highs and lows but always at the back of the mind you knew you were just gaining experience to eventually do your own thing.

What is the aim and mission of b2b, what niche have you spotted? What will your USP be?

GS - For us it's about bringing about looking at the event from the point of view of the raver, so when booking artists to go B2B, we want there to be a narrative, so we only book artists that have collaborated musically, and therefore have a connection and are 'No random pairing'. Also to bring contrast to the equation with our Disco room, we're really excited to see people getting involved dressing up and really having fun with that.

JB - In addition to this I think we just wanted to experiment and try something different. The concept will allow us to dive into different genres. We've started off quite techy but will love to bring deep groovy minimal and even techno artists to the line ups to add to the overall experience. We've created a brand that doesn't have a sell by date or any restrictions. We could be doing an underground event in Berlin with Silat Beksi B2B Deltano and then somewhere in Ibiza Andrea Olivia B2B Catz n Dogz. Music is for everyone to enjoy. We will never restrict ourselves.

What are the most important things about putting on a party for you? What details will you focus on?

GS - The most important thing bar none is that the raver has a good time, and the main driver of that is the music, all our DJs are carefully selected after meticulous research, and we know they will provide a soundtrack that will set the night on fire. We also really take time to go into the small details of what we think people want on their nights out... so keep your eyes peeled for some surprises dotted around the club on the night!

What informs the booking policy? Is it who you like or designed to attract a certain crowd ?

JB - A combination of everything. It has to work on every aspect and at the end of the day it's also a business you need to run. You have to make it feasible for the club, they're trusting you to fill it and make it sick. For our first event we had very little time to come with a line up but I think we've done a perfect job in getting our concept across. We look forward to getting creative with line ups in the future so keep an eye out ;-)

Tell us about the floor of disco you have, and the fancy dress - why are these important?

GS - We are going all out with the fun factor in this room... there will be props galore with our disco theme... hats, wigs, glitter and sequins. We really want people to get involved, it's going to be a night to live long in the memory! We love Disco and can't wait to hear the set from DOORLY and GRIFF, who are actually making a track together especially for this event.