UK star Jacky has a big personality and manages to translate that in his music.

It comes on labels like Desert Heart Records where he will put out his latest surefire anthem, 'Firepower', on November 30th.

You can listen to that one on Beatport, and it comes after other tunes on the likes of Lower East, Kaluki Musik and Toolroom.

They all mix up fresh vocals, deriving drums and energetic percussive lines that cut up the club.

Here he picks out 10 of his biggest tunes of the year as well as picking out 5 hot talents to watch in 2019.

I must have dropped this at least 30 times this year! Such a good rework of what was already one of my favourite records of all time!

For some reason, I forgot about this tune and then couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called! I remember leaving Danny Howard about 3 voice notes of me singing the tune trying to get him to guess it...Of course my singing was shocking and it never worked, but when I remembered I was over the moon and it STILL works so well.


I randomly ended up playing a pretty wicked after party in Birmingham this year and heard this track - instantly knew it was a banger.

Absolute stormer. Goes off every time.

I opened my set at Hideout with this and it went off. She's a keeper.

I heard Jayda G drop this and I needed to get my hands on it. Banger.

The drums/percussion in this beat are so bang on. Absolute roller.

As a piece of music, this is amazing. Hats off.

My opening track for the majority of this year. Heat.

This one was really close to my heart this year. It was great to work on something completely different and go a little off piste.

Top 5 Talents For 2019




Tim Taylor

Charlie Sparks