Words: Giulia Bottaro

This year, Club To Club proudly announced that a quarter of its attendees would come from abroad—and we soon understood why. The lineup presented a selection of huge artists over the course of four days, Aphex Twin above all in one of the rare dates of his 2018 tour. Along with a series of DJ sets, workshops and talks, It all culminated on Sunday with an evening in the stunning Reggia di Venaria, a castle overlooked by the Alps.

We went on the not-so-crowded Friday night, perhaps because Aphex Twin was playing the next day. The organisation worked brilliantly, the queues weren’t as massive as you’d expect in a big event like this, and there were stewards handing out the programme. It’s such a blessing to hold a leaflet with a map.

The location was perfect to host thousands of dancing people comfortably. Lingotto Fiere is a space designed for expos, though its massive pillars and the infinite ceilings give it a warehouse vibe. There was plenty of space for everyone and it never felt cramped, even in the front.

We started with Beach House in the main stage, whose melancholic songs fit the theme “La luce al buio”, meaning light in the dark. “Space Song” sounded even more intense in such a massive room, its guitar teardrops dripping over the crowd. Placing the American duo at 11PM at a dance festival was a wonderful choice—a demonstration that Club To Club is about listening to great music more than anything else.

David August in the Crack stage warmed us up with his dreamy sounds, getting us ready for a hectic night. Things picked up with Jamie xx, who showcased his polyhedric music taste. He played some of his own, like “Seesaw” and “On Hold”, spacing to more obscure sounds like Four Tet’s edit of “Afraid” by Nelly Furtado. He paid homage to the location closing his two-hour set with some timeless italo disco, “Ti Voglio” by Ornella Vanoni.

Peggy Gou followed wearing a Juventus club t-shirt and bringing some explosive techno. The mood rapidly shifted into a dark warehouse party, with relentless tunes like “Shot in the Dark” by Savas Pascalidis and “That’s What I’m Talking About” by DJ Rush. Avalon Emerson kept the momentum up playing “Lullaby” by Jellyfish and “Diagrama Ancestral” by Luis Ruiz until the early hours of the morning.

For its 18th birthday, Turin's Club To Club festival came of age brilliantly. The international affair attracted a clued up crowd who were friendly and relaxed, yet eager and up for it. And one of the best lineups for any European festival all summer made Club To Club worth visiting no matter where you came from. The vibey venue and gorgeous surrounding city only sweetened the deal.