In late-August, the Black Eyed Peas released "Constant," a catchy new single that came in two parts—the song started as an R&B slow jam, morphing into a dance track roughly half way through.

Today, R&S Records tweeted the video, captioned with "sound familiar?"

Lone's "Airglow Fires" was released on the famed Belgian imprint in 2013, as part of Lone's Reality Testing LP. The track was a hit, racking up nearly a million views on YouTube, earning comparisons to Floating Points in Pitchfork, scoring a 4.0 on RA, and even getting its own "How To"  video on YouTube, which is currently sitting at nearly 12,000 views.

So, did the Black Eyed Peas come across that YouTube tutorial one night while trawling for inspiration? 

We'll let you be the judge. Skip to around 2:41 on "Constant," and listen through drop at 2:50. Then listen to "Airglow Fires" starting at around 3:45 through the drop. 

As Lauren Martin said: