Earlier this year, we traveled to freezing, rainy Glasgow to meet with Slam, the city's globally revered techno duo, ahead of their Maximum Pressure Easter show at SWG3.

Before the party, we spoke with the duo's Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan about their 30-year history with the city's vibrant electronic music scene. While today they're two of techno's largest figures, three decades ago, it was a very different story.

"Back then, being a DJ wasn't anything that had a particular lifestyle attached to it," Meikle says. "It was just a desire to play what you thought was good music."

Things have grown up since then, and much of the changes in Glasgow's scene are due in large part to Slam.

Backdropped by the massive halls of SWG3 and the recently re-launched Soma Skool, we spoke about these changes and Slam's impact on the city with longtime friends and colleagues Surgeon and Regis, along with the duo's manager Dave Clarke, and newcomer IDA for her take on the future of the city's scene.

Watch Slam: Inspirations below. And read about their new ambient album here. 

Filmed and edited by: Darren Watts || EQTV