A decade ago, Scuba released his debut album A Mutual Antipathy, an LP that cemented Paul Rose's reputation as a leading figure in dubstep. The same year he also launched SUB:STANCE at Berghain, a quarterly party that ran for five years and helped bring dubstep to the forefront of Berlin's techno scene.

Now the UK producer is revisiting that time with three releases: A Mutual Antipathy Revisited, SUB:STANCE in Retrograde and Sounds of SUB:STANCE, to be released on his Hotflush Recordings over the coming weeks.

Revisited essentially features two versions of his 2008 debut: all 11 original tracks have been remastered for 2018, and a previously unreleased track featuring Amp Fiddler called "If I Dub" acts as the album's twelfth. Then each track is remixed by artists like Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Martyn and SCB, which was the first outing for the Scuba alias.

SUB:STANCE in Retrograde features 10 previously unreleased tracks, which were produced between the release of Scuba's debut and second album, Triangulation, released in 2010. The songs "spent almost a decade on undisturbed hard drives," according to the press release, and reflect a period of growth for Rose.

Lastly, Sounds Of SUB:STANCE is a vast, 29-track collection of either exclusive, previously unreleased material, or tracks that were vinyl-only until this release. Celebrated deceased producer Trevino features two times, and Skream, Shakleton, Appleblim, Boddika and Scuba also appear.

Releases will roll out over the next month, with the first coming out 19th October, then 2nd November, and finally 23rd November for Sounds of SUB:STANCE.

Listen to the SUB:STANCE 2018 Spotify playlist for a taste of the albums below.