There is always a wealth of parties to get excited about at ADE, and this year a new one is sure to make its mark.

From promoter The Hidden People, which has thrown parties in various locations round Europe, ADE finds the crew linking up with the UK’s FMLY Agency on Thursday, October 18th at Hotel Arena, a stunning and historic chapel filled with art and grand architecture. Butch, Detroit Swindle, DJ BORING, Francois X, Object Blue (live), Pantha du Prince (live), Renaat, and Space Dimension Controller (live) and more are on the bill. 

Before the debut event, we speak to the team via email about the party, the crew, and they share top tips for anyone heading to Amsterdam.

Introduce us to The Hidden People and tell us when the party started, by who, and what the main end goal was?

The Hidden People produces high-end electronic music events—mainly secret—for a select group of people, but for special dates and cities, we present ourselves to a broader audience in order to make more people happy. Things started moving in the beginning of 2010 when founding chief Camilo connected with some Berlin based friends, most of them musicians and DJs/producers. With a background in graphic design, he did some communication pieces for them and naturally that created a nice sinergy that lead to promoting parties. In the beginning the main goal was to create a cool party and showcase new and emerging talent. Over the years, the focus of The Hidden People pointed more and more in the direction of the combination of music, culture and travels. Nevertheless, the factors named above always remained the biggest drivers.

What made you want to do a party at ADE after doing so many in other places?

We’ve always loved the vibe of ADE. Since many years, the dream was to have our own party in Amsterdam, especially since we are big fans of the Dutch underground scene, festivals and productions. When we found the venue by accident we didn't doubt a second, we just said to ourselves, okay, the time has come, let's do ADE baby, indeed it was like this…

What other plans have you got for events in the city after ADE?

We want to get more people to experience our events.. ADE will be the firestarter in Amsterdam and of course we want to surprise the audience with more of our productions that’ll create unique experiences. There will be more to come, the best thing to do is to join our newsletter.

Do you tailor each event to the city it is in, music and venue wise, are all places different in terms of what they like and want to see or hear?

Every event is different and has it’s own world. We always try to let people experience a special component or detail when they attend the event. Sometimes it is expressed by the music, the decoration or by the venue itself but of course for us it's more important to bring something new and fresh, something that people hopefully will see, hear and feel only at our events.

You’ve done many, so what are the key ingredients for a good party? What are the most important details to focus on?

We learned that the right party is not only made with good music, or a nice venue, but it’s more about the experience, the total atmosphere and comfort. When you take in consideration all the details needed to make a good event we focus on those that make people happy and make them experience the ‘wow’ effect. For example the vibe of a XVIII century old Chapel, a Boat in the middle of the Adriatic sea and a pool party in the center of Barcelona, those are good ingredients.

How much planning does an event like this take? How hard is it to get the names you want?

This ADE debut party took us almost 10 months, we chased the venue last year in November. Then it was not clear if the Chapel would be available for ADE. From that moment we wrote them every month asking for dates. Six months passed and we found ourselves pretty squeezed in time but we managed to tie things up very quick since we worked with the guys of Fmly agency who worked very hard to get all the names we wanted. I think we’re just good working under pressure.

And what informs the booking policy, why book these people - is it for the crowd, for yourselves, or driven by the sounds they play?

We make sure that the sound of our events is something we like in the first place. We also want to bring innovation by supporting new acts and emerging names. We always have had a feeling for newcomers. Big, established names are less important to us. It’s cool to see that quite a few acts we supported back in the days, are now headliners for many festivals and parties: Claptone, Robosonic, Adana Twins and Tube & Berger for example. I guess we are just driven by the passion for electronic music. The feeling that arises when you’re listening to artists and their sounds and then try to grasp what can happen when you get them together for a party. When it turns out the way it was mentalized, the experience is even better.

Where are the best places to go and eat to fuel up for a rave in Amsterdam?

Canvas on the Wibautstaat is a nice place to go, also is Noorderlicht or De Ceuvel although you need to have a party in Noord then. We like to get some finger food at bar Bukowski next to the Oosterpark. The cocktails are one of the best of Amsterdam and the food menu has a big variety so everybody can get something they like, and again the cocktails of course.

Are there any local foods or drinks that people should try that are unique to Amsterdam?

For sure the local brewed beers from Prael and Gebrouwen door vrouwen. It’s nice to go to the Foodhallen near de Kinkerstraat. You will have a wide variety of food and the neighbourhood offers a lot of nice places to sit and shop.

Where would you suggest is good to stay for people coming to party?

Highly recommended is to book a room in Hotel Arena, then you’re ensured that you’ll always make it home!

What essential cultural visits should anyone make who comes over for ADE?

The Cinema take over of ADE with great documentaries about the evolution of the electronic music scene. Besides this you should go to Mary go wild on the Zeedijk. You can find almost the whole history of the scene in books, records and arts over here.

Find out more about the party, including where to get tickets, here.