Audiofly have long been flying the flag for UK house music around the world.

The duo have a slick brand of tech house that has taken them from their own party in Ibiza to headline slots at ADE.

They return to the Dutch capital again on October 18th, when Free Your Mind Festival is presenting three label showcases in one event at Thuishaven. Hernan Cattaneo’s label Sudbeat, Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden imprint, and Audiofly’s Flying Circus are joining forces for what promises to be nothing short of an electrifying ADE gathering.

Here are some tunes you can expect to hear from the pair.

Harry Wolfman - Space Cakes [Dirt Crew Recording]

Love this spacious, liquid, bleepy dubby vocal jam. Sooooo good to bring a beautiful smile to each and every person on the dance floor. Deep! A great last record.

Bloom (Madmotomiquel & Fulltone remix) [Bunte Kuh]

On the other side this track is more synthetic and punchy. Stings accompany the synth groove through a slowly growing middle of the night groove. 

Aire - Frink/Archila (Frink Remix ) [Move Music]

Driving, relentless and floating along on its synth baseline. Easy to play with max returns from the dance floor.

NTFO - Planetarium [Sintope Digital]

This is one of my favorite tracks right now. Simple is best.

Squire - Lights of Sion [Flying Circus]

Hot from The FC label. This track just works effortlessly. Beautiful strings lead you to a tearful moment and then out again into the beats once more.

Youandewan - Our Odyssey [AUS Music]

This track is nothing short of divine and sets the mood for our musical journeys right from the start. I played it at Burning Man on top of the Robot Heart bus for the first time and I swear, I had a goosebumps moment that lasted 8 minutes. Pure heaven.

Brian Cid - Jaula de Oro [Supernature]

This track (and consequentially all the others that complete the Ep) was one of the reasons why we decided to re-open supernature: deep, smart, just enough darkness and just enough movements to make heads turn in every kind of situation, be it on a beach right after sunset or in a dark club at two in the morning. The perfect way to re-introduce the label and to pave the way for what’s to come on the label in the near future. Challenge accepted.

Marcus Worgull - Llisten to Charanjit [Innervisions]

Dixon is a bit of a genius. Can we all agree on that? He played, hands down the best set of Burning Man and I remember him playing this right in the middle of it and my head exploding in a myriad of tiny little pieces. It has been on my sets ever since.

Timujin - Katana [Flying Circus]

I am not one of these label owners that listens to everything I get sent, I gotta be honest. I gotta smell the talent and somehow it has to lead to me, without much pressure. When this piece of heaven landed on my desktop I knew that I had something special in my hands and I wasn’t wrong. A staple in our sets for months, I cannot bring myself to stop playing it simply because if fits so perfectly with where we are at the moment musically. Timujin is one to watch and this is the perfect example.

Luca Saporito feat Jaw - L’ecleireur [Get Physical]

I had to include this track because it’s so special to me in so many ways. First because it’s the first track I produce on my own that I am 100% happy with and second because it marks a time in my life in which I flourish as an artist on my own right without taking anything away from the Audiofly project. Anthony was the one to push me to release it on my own name and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me the courage and the motivation to do so. That’s what partnerships are all about.