Words: Alan Fitzpatrick

It would be inaccurate to describe the talent picked out below as genuinely unknown, but in this day and age it is very rare to come across someone who hasn’t already sent a demo to someone or made an effort to be noticed via social media. That's one of the real challenges of A&R’ing a record label and something that makes it extra special when I do discover genuinely new and unheard. What is common to all the artists I have highlighted below is that they are making amazing music and truly deserve wider recognition for their work. 

Amber - Dark Series #7 [Unreleased]

Amber is someone I am sure will become known to many of you soon. She makes and plays raw and uncompromising techno, bringing her own unique style to her craft and she has such a positive attitude. A really lovely person. She doesn’t have any productions published on YouTube yet, but you should check out her latest mix session to get a feel for her sound.

A.S.H. - Vortex [We Are The Brave]

I am so excited about what is to come for A.S.H. and I’m super proud that he has chosen to make We Are The Brave his home. Many people could learn much from his approach. He has so much genuine passion and drive and a real honest work ethic. I see a lot of myself in both the way he operates, and his musical style and I’m delighted his debut release for the label, Vortex, was so well received.

Avision - Over Time [Matter]

I’ve been playing pretty much everything that Avision sends me. He has a very mature sound that you can tell draws on a wide variety of influences, which gives his music a very unique flavour. For me, he is absolutely one of the most interesting and impressive producers from the next generation of talent coming through. Watch this space for what is coming next…

Billy Turner - Escape [Drumcode Ltd]

Billy has been making waves with his music for the last year or so and it is no surprise to me that things are now beginning to blow up for him. He has developed a sound of his own and had the determination to be himself when it comes to writing. I really admire those traits and it’s great to see success coming his way. He is also a proper lad who is a raver first and foremost. Big respect, Billy.

Gary Burrows - Burning [Respekt Recordings]

Another example of the fresh new talent coming out of UK right now. Gary has impressed me by being very consistent with the quality of his productions and he brings a lot of imagination, energy and fun to the cool rave-edged vibe of his music. Shout out to the Spektre lads for pushing him on their Respekt Recordings label. 

Leonardo - Quetzal (Moon Unity Mix) [We Are The Brave]

Leonardo is another brand-new talent who I am buzzing to work with on We Are The Brave. He constantly blows my mind with the intelligence and stylistic range of his music. He somehow manages to operate on a higher level than and is capable of creating real “wow” moments regardless of whether it’s a deep house groover, a spellbinding ambient track, or a massive emotive stormer of a track. Seriously mad skills!

Polymod - No Other [17 Steps]

I am a huge fan of Polymod. So much so I asked him to remix my next release on the label! The guy is a crazy hardware nerd and has an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music, which all comes through in his music. There is always this super slick production but combined with a simple energy and dancefloor dynamic. I love it. He’s like some mad professor haha!

uhnknwn - By My Side [We Are The Brave]

The inspiration for this whole article and the next new talent to join the We Are The Brave roster. We’ve been speaking for ages about this concept he has where by all the usual “artist profile” stuff is stripped away to put all the focus on the music itself. It’s an approach I totally get in terms of creating ultimate creative freedom and, in the nicest way possible, sticking two fingers up to how obsessed our scene has become with personality and the whole style over content thing. It also helps that he writes bombs!

Rudosa - Neuroisis [Unreleased]

More exciting UK talent to make yourself aware of! Although to be fair, Rudosa has been doing a good job of this himself over the past couple of years by making hits for some cool labels. I am particularly excited about the music he has sent me recently and we will release an EP on We Are The Brave this year. I wanted to show off this new music so the clip I have chosen is from my radio show as that’s the only place you can get to hear it right now.

Simone Tavazzi - You're My Passion [Unreleased]

I’ve played Simone’s music for many years now so I am cheating a bit by including him in a list of unknown talent, but I love the energy and vibe he creates and I am also very grateful to him for always sending me his new tracks as soon as he has written them. An example being this “You’re My Passion” track which is unreleased but you can check it out via this clip from a recent We Are The Brave Radio episode.

“Alpha In The Warm” is the next release to come from uhnknwn on Alan’s imprint We Are The brave on the 28th September. The artist wishes to remain completely anonymous under this new alias. Pre-order here.