On Friday, September 7th, Cape Town music and lifestyle festival Rocking The Daisies made a big announcement on its Facebook page, stating that no liquids will be allowed into the camping area this year.

Taking place on October 5th - 7th, the festival said: “You will not be allowed to bring alcohol or any liquids into Rocking the Daisies 2018 presented by CAN DO! Enjoy your favourite drinks cold, poured and prepared for you just the way you like it. Take your drinks everywhere – from the campsite into the main arena, and enjoy the same low prices across all of the bars in the festival. No more carrying heavy loads of liquor, No more decanting and contributing to our plastic problem.”

This news has come as a shock to RTD fans, with many of them voicing their frustration with the decision.

One fan brought up the issue of hydration at the three-day festival saying: “I hope Daisies has a fresh water supply that is free. We all know it’s illegal for the only source of drinkable water to be bought drinks - are y’all trying to get sued for negligence when 100’s of people need medical attention when they are dehydrated because your lines are long as hell and there’s no free drinkable water.”

Just last month, Pulse posted an article questioning whether water should be free in clubs and at festivals—due to the danger that dehydration poses at parties.

Other fans also brought to light the timing of the announcement, saying: “Surely you guys are supposed to advertise this before, during and after ticket sales?”

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