Over the weekend, ADE and Loveland responded to an open letter asking for the removal of Konstantin from the festival’s lineups. He’s booked for three parties during the event—the Giegling Showcase at Skatecafé, the Circoloco x Loveland party at Mediahaven, and NGHTDVSN x Next Monday’s Hangover at Het Sieraad. Thousands have co-signed the open letter in solidarity so far, including many prominent artists.

Last year the German DJ told Groove Magazine he believes women are overly promoted in the industry, and that they are “usually worse at DJing than men.” Other artists and promoters quickly came forward with their own stories of the Giegling co-founder’s sexism, and he was removed from at least one festival bill.

For its part, ADE suggested hosting a sexual harassment panel with Konstantin, a move that was met with backlash from several artists who were critical of giving him a platform.

“One of the great failures of this time in history is the notion that anyone should give a platform to a referendum on the truth,” The Black Madonna said on Twitter. “A thing is either true or it isn’t. We don’t need debates on what women see with their own eyes any more than we need to debate climate change.”

Loveland’s head booker Robert Deutsch responded to the open letter saying he thought the Konstantin incident was "already water under the bridge,” and that anyone who thinks he’s “a dick” shouldn't come to his shows. Boycotting goes “way too far,” he said.

“If these remarks [Konstantin made] are true, I don't stand behind it, I'm against it, it's a stupid thing to say,” Loveland’s Deutsch told Mixmag. “But it goes way too far to scrutinise somebody for the rest of their lives and boycott stuff. If you think the guy's a dick then don't come to his shows, but we live in a society where we should talk to each other and persuade each other in a normal, open communication. We shouldn't be living in a society where just because some people say something, we all try to ruin somebody's life.”

In response, the group behind the open letter released FAQ, answering questions about their actions. One section responds to the accusation that they are trying to ruin Konstantin’s career, saying:

“We’ve asked for him to be removed because he has still failed to address this situation. We haven’t called for a boycott, we did not start a petition (it’s an open letter), this is not a witch hunt. We are certainly not the ones spreading hate or creating division.”

They write that “Konstantin has done nothing in the way of public remorse,” and that “individuals, such as Konstantin, should address their behaviour without deflecting responsibility.”

The goal, they write, is confronting “the tolerance and normalisation of sexism in the industry.”

“Many responses to our letter proved that sexism isn’t even widely understood. We need people to be aware of the issue and its impact. We need promoters to acknowledge that booking sexist artists is welcoming sexism into their clubs.”

Read the full FAQ here.