Moscoman has been bringing rawness, acid and plenty of other diverse influences to his productions for the last few years.

He runs the Disco Halal label, and after growing up in Israel, is now based in Berlin. He has released on the likes of ESP Institute and his own label Treisar, and now his latest comes on Diynamic. It's part of the on going artist-focused Picture series, and shows emotive, perfectly crafted synths that make you move.

We've embedded the EP in our interview with the vinyl-loving Moscoman, who talks about his life long love of records, jazz, vinyl shopping in Tel Aviv, and more.  

Were you into house and techno from a young age, or were you buying other music first?

My first interest in music was Michael Jackson. Techno and house came to me when I was around 17 years old. 

What was the first record you bought, can you remember where you bought it?

My first record was Jackson 5's The Singles. It was in some cool record shop that doesn't exist for many years in my hometown, Kfar Saba.

When did you first decide you wanted to start DJing? Did you buy the gear of have access to any?

I don't know if I decided to DJ, it just happened. I liked to control the music of our events, so I was always playing music. The first time I had real gear was around 18, before that it was mix and match between a minidisc-DAT-belt turntable and CD walkmans (Discman).

Have you been a vinyl collector ever since?

Yeah since around 16 I’ve been buying records.

Do you have a certain way of digging, a certain place you always start in the shop?

Not really, I just start and let the fingers lead the way.

Do you buy online on Discogs or prefer to just find what you find in the shops?

I prefer to buy in shops, but sometime I order stuff on Discogs. Usually I like digging on YouTube and then finding it in shops.

What are some of the most treasured or personal records in your collection and why?

I have many special ones. The small collection I took from my parents is always dear to me, things like Leonard Cohen and some weird discos of their time.

Was there a good scene for digging in Tel Aviv? Any essential spots or second-hand shops or markets?

There used to be a lot of stores, now there are some new joints which are nice like Nuieba, Blackhole, BSide and sorts. It was cheap when I started, now it’s very expensive and mostly curated. Like everywhere, it became a business.

When you moved to Berlin, did that change the music you bought, listened to, dug for?

Not really, the Berlin scene at the time didn't really influence me, and still doesn't. I like to believe I’m staying true to myself, I am way more into jazz in the last five years, but I just think I’m getting older.

Do you still play vinyl on clubs? Why or why not?

Most places don't have good sound for vinyl.

What was the last record you bought and why?

Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska. My copy was dead already from listening to it.