Jesse Saunders knows a thing or two about house music. The Chicago-born DJ and producer is a pioneer of the genre, even dubbed "the originator of house music" by critics and historians alike.

He's responsible for classics like "On & On," "Funk U Up" and "Love Can't Turn Around." And with his latest EP coming out soon on House 4 Life Records, we asked the originator to lend his creed to some of Chicago's unsung house heroes. Read on.

Stacy Kidd

Stacy Kidd has come a long way. Since his first releases on my Dancemania label, he has become a prolific remixer/producer with a flavor all his own. Stacy is a machine when it comes to the studio. He has churned remixes for everyone from Frankie Knuckles to Louie Vega - and now me!

Stacy's House For Life Remix of "KALEIDOSCOPE" is a jazzy, masterful, piano version that enchants and dares you not to listen from beginning to end. You must listen to its sweet pianos and driving rhythms here…

Gene Hunt

Gene was mentored by one of my best friends and idols, the amazing and innovative Ron Hardy! If you watch Gene play a DJ set you will see the influences are still there today!

Gene is not afraid to take you where you've never been before. breaking new ground with elements that you haven't heard before. I call him Lil Ronnie! Gene's productions are best known in the last few years as a series of tracks made back in the day with the legendary Ron Hardy.


Not only a DJ and producer, Colette is also an amazing vocalist. Two of my all time favorite songs she has covered and her performances are stellar on "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and "Dreams".

Hailing from the birthplace of house, her productions always bring that intense thump and jackin' feeling that only Chicago producers deliver.

Gene Ferris

Gene Ferris produces tracks that are the epitome of the Chicago House Music sound! From his Disco loop releases to his collaborations with Cajmere aka Green Velvet, he continues to live in the top 10 @ Traxsource.

Gene's most recent release, "O’Darlin," from the Jungle Love EP (Cajual Records) hit number one on TraxSource continuing his insatiable thirst for producing creative tracks that give new life to classic samples and old school beats.

Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn is my most favorite DJ to not only listen to, but watch perform. I recently witnessed a treat for not only his fans at Bliss in Oakland, California, but for me as well when he performed his classic "Freaky MuthaFucka". The energy and appreciation he garnered that night was unprecedented.

Being a member of our Chosen Few DJs organization, nothing but the creme of the crop is expected as we entertain 50,000 house lovers each year at our festival. Mike Dunn ALWAYS exceeds expectations. I don't care for 99% of the world's DJs, because inevitably they leave me hanging with their skills and set selections. Mike Dunn never does that, and is definitely my number 1!

Buy/listen to Jesse Saunders Kaleidoscope EP (ft. remixes by Stacy Kidd, Paul Johnson and Demarkus Lewis) here.

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