To celebrate the release of their Some Day EP on storied Italian imprint Vibraphone Records, Bosconi Records bosses Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci—aka Minimono—have provided the ultimate beginner's guide to Italo house. It's packed with incredible jams from the genre, stretching from the early days with pioneer Giorgio Moroder until the genre's peak in the mid-1990s. Read more below, and listen to the playlist on YouTube here.

Giorgio Moroder - Utopia (1977)

No words are necessary to describe what Giorgio Moroder has been for the development of Italian sound since the late ‘70s, one of the most forward thinking producer of our times.

Falsini Brunetti - Master Spirit [Interactive Test] (1991)

Franco and Riccardo Falsini are some of the most esteemed figures in Italian electronic music development. Beside Franco's most famous project Sansation Fix, with his brother Riccardo, together Open Space, with their label Interactive Test have been pioneering electronic music in Italy since the early ‘90s.

Sueño Latino Sueño Latino Paradise Mix (1989) 

Andrea Gemolotto and Massimino Lippoli delivering this masterpiece that I personally consider the manifesto track of the Italo house sound of the ‘90s.

Onirico - Stolen Moments [UMM] (1991)

Emanuele Luzzi aka Onirico on the legendary record label UMM founded in Naples in ‘91.

49 Floor - Night Passage (Underground Radio Mix) [Vibraphone] (1992)

How not mention 49 Floor, aka Stefano Curti, owner and A&R of Vibraphone Records, one of the most important house labels from Italian ‘90s on which we’re honoured to release some of our best house tracks these days!

Don Carlos - Mediterraneo [Calypso] (1992)

As a matter of taste Don Carlos, active from the late ‘70s is one of our favourite deep house producers, melting deep bassline with incredible Mediterranean melodies, among many unforgettable tunes “Mediterraneo” is the track we wanted to feature here.

Enrico Mantini - What You Like [Smooth Sounds] (1992)

Our esteemed friend Enrico Mantini collab as A&R on Veniceberg Records where we recently released an EP, released this fabulous deep house track on Smooth Sounds, sublabel of MBG records from legendary Giorgio Canepa, who's been active from the late ‘80s.

Riviera Traxx Vol.1 [Antima] (1991)

A super collective of artists including important figures from the Italian house movement like Ricky Montanari and Flavio Vecchi out on Antima, a subdivision of legendary Irma Records, one of the most prolific Italian electronic labels ever, still active since 1990.

Kamasutra Nightwalk Dob Jam Dub (1994)

Kamasutra is the project from Tenax resident Alex Neri and Marco Baroni (responsible of other projects like Agua re and more) who were producing already super researched house beats back in 92. Here's our favourite version of Nightwalk in this reinterpretation by Dobre and James, Touche label bosses.

Blade, Fabbroni, Liam J nabb - Talking About The Power (1995)

Together with Blade from Jestofunk (who released with the project Jestofunk the immortal "Can We live" that we also wanted to mention). Simone Fabbroni and Liam are two big friends and we can consider Simone one of our main mentors at the very beginning of the project Minimono. Fabio and Ennio met in fact in club Exmud Firenze where Simone was heading the artistic direction and where Fabio Della Torre was resident in the early 2000.