In a new and rare video interview with Channel 4, Sasha talks about his early days at the Haçienda, mental health and DJing, and the extreme pressures of early fame following Mixmag’s now-infamous 1994 “Son of God” cover.

Sasha, real name Alexander Coe, has talked openly in the past about his early distaste for the spotlight, something he reiterated to Channel 4 in the interview. “I was such a shy person when I was younger,” Sasha said. Fame was something Coe “hated” for many years, and the cover only helped rocket him further into the spotlight, sending him “sideways.”

“It wasn’t something I took that well,” Coe said. “I think I still hold a bit of a grudge to guy who called me the 'Son of God,'” he laughed. “Thanks for that, mate.”

Coe also spoke about the conversation around mental health and DJing, talking about his own anxieties while touring—a lifestyle he admits can be “brutal.”

“It’s great people are feeling like they can talk about things now because that actually wasn’t there before,” he said. He thinks the stigma surrounding speaking out has been lifted “quite a lot” over the past year, and that people are less embarrassed about opening up about their own mental issues.

“And that’s just great,” he said, “because some of this stuff is difficult to talk about.”

Coe also singled out drugs testing as a positive step forward in the electronic music scene, describing it as helpful in preventing further tragedies.

“Anything that helps people protect themselves,” he said.

Check out the full interview on Channel 4.