With just over a month to go until the debut of Natural Selektion in Johannesburg, excitement is mounting for this multi-genre experience to kick off on September 29th.

Taking place at a secret venue just 25 minutes from Fourways, the inaugural event will host some of Jozi’s finest house, techno and bass music DJs across its two stages, including house artists Ryan Murgatroyd, Abby Nurock, Justin Miller and drum & bass DJs Dakota, T- Stak and Donny Basco. The NS Krew will also be playing under their dnb aliases as Stay C and Spherix.

We caught up with the NS team to find out more about what has brought this, intriguing concept to life.

What sparked the idea to create Natural Selektion?

As a collective we saw the need for a multi-genre platform for electronic music. We were increasingly finding that events were becoming genre-specific, effectively segregating people and creating segmented music communities. We saw this as an opportunity to not only provide a platform for all sub-genres of electronic music, but also to create experiential spaces for people to enjoy their favourite sub-genre while being able to explore all the other elements of electronic music.

What do you love about event planning and production?

We are so fortunate to live in an age of technology where almost anything is possible. With the backing of Sync'd events we are able to push the boundaries of the average festival experience to bring visually stimulating and emotive concepts to life for our Natural Selektion family.  

Why is the multigenre aspect important to the brand?

It's a very simple concept really, in that together we can achieve more. If we focus on our similarities rather than our differences we believe we can create a community of like-minded people that are encouraged to push their artistic boundaries and create some really awesome South African-flavoured electronic music

What does Natural Selektion bring to the dance music scene in JHB?

Experiences like no other! We are as obsessed with the music as we are with our NS Family's experience of our events. Our events will always offer something unique and unexpected.

What is some of your previous experience in the entertainment industry?

We have a dynamic team that includes DJs, event production and event management specialists that have all hosted a range of events including music events over the years. Our collective pool of knowledge makes us uniquely placed to create the ultimate event experiences.

What are your thoughts on the current scene in the city?

As we mentioned above, the scene is currently too segregated. It has become so bad that certain clubs, rather than events, have become associated with one sub-genre. It's sad in this day and age to be have such an exclusionary mindset when electronic music is undergoing a transformation worldwide. The lines between sub-genres are becoming so blurred but it's really pushing the sound and creating some interesting and groovy stuff.

What would you like to see improve?

Collaboration! Between artists, events and music lovers as a whole.

Tell us more about the "evolution" concept that NS has created.

Our aim with Natural Selektion is to create a brand that is continually evolving. In the same way species have evolved over time to adapt to changing environments. At Natural Selektion we are shifting the landscape to shape a new environment that will push us all to the next phase of evolution

How will we see the evolution of the brand unfold?

Each event will unlock the next element of the brand. If you have an attentive eye, you will notice the artworks maintain the core elements of the NS logo but continually evolve based on the theme/nature of the event. This is just one of the ways that we visually take our followers on this journey of evolution and there are many more obvious and subtle forms that will be released at future events

What can we expect from the forthcoming event?

An assault on the senses.

Tickets available here. Visit the Natural Selektion page for more information.