Thailand’s favourite party island Koh Phangan has played host to the legendary Full Moon beach party since 1988. On its 30th anniversary, the event series is heading to another idyllic beach location in Spain.

On August 25th, the Full Moon Party will be making its overseas debut at Hierbabuena in Barbate (Cádiz). The organisers have finalised the lineup, adding renowned Spanish techno star Paco Osuna, with Guti and Los Suruba. They will be joining previously announced acts Nicole Moudaber, Cuartero, Technasia and Dennis Cruz. Paco Osuna and Nicole Moudaber will play back-to-back, as will Cuartero and Guti, and Technasia with Dennis Cruz.

The party was spontaneously started by a small group of tourists 30 years ago and is now one of the most celebrated events in Asia, gathering more than 30,000 people every full moon. The organisers have also pledged to ban the use of glass and plastic, and will be providing eco-friendly portable toilets to help reduce the party’s environmental impact.

The Spanish edition is just the beginning of the brand’s European invasion. MC Rafa who is part of this momentous occasion gives us an insight of the Full Moon Party’s first European venture.

It’s a great coincidence that the Full Moon Party’s first party outside of Thailand on its 30th anniversary. Was this intentional?

Well pointed out. The anniversary is a coincidence. However, they do say nothing is a coincidence.

What is the motivation behind having a Spanish version of Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party?

Any excuse to escape winter in Australia. When I first attended my first Full Moon Party many years ago, I noticed that the same type of people that were in my clubs in Sydney were also partying in Thailand so it made sense to bring the brand down under, and it has been a huge success there.

Many years later, after spending a summer in Europe, I noticed the same crowd and party culture here. Spain like Thailand is a destination well known to travellers seeking adventure, fun, sun, beaches, as well as of course, partying. So the similarities are there. I really hope the brand succeeds as I love Spain and its people.

How often will you be hosting the Full Moon Party?

The plan is to develop a series of events across the region by next summer. We are already in talks with several other cities, which includes Portugal.

When was the last time you partied in Koh Phangan and what attracted you to it?

I have attended and hosted many Full Moon Parties in Koh Phangan. The energy of dancing under the full moon, the tribal feel, the visual experience and the surroundings really blew me away. I remember telling my best friend who was with me at my first event, ‘we need this back home’. He looked at me not really knowing what I was on about. In Australia everyone told me it wouldn’t work. Thank god I followed my instinct!

Each country has its own party culture but what’s the similarities between the Spaniards and Thais?

Laid back! Both cultures are very relaxed. Spain has a long standing party culture, almost as if to celebrate, any excuse will do. The Thais are not known for over doing it themselves, but they are incredibly tolerant and open minded. Both countries are also very dependent on tourism.

MC Rafa (right)

Spain is globally known for its amazing electronic music events. How will this one stand out from the rest?

The experience. From the moment you walk in to Full Moon Party Europe you are made part of the spectacle. Welcomed by hosts placing flower leis around your neck, everyone is guided to the paint area where a huge team of makeup artists paint you up in UV face and body paint. The performances, the decorations, 10m tall Buddhas, LED palm trees, a giant zipline over the crowd - there will be so much going on. Lets not forget the energy of the full moon.

You’ve curated quite an interesting lineup for the first event. How did you choose the back-to-back DJ set pairings?

The decision occurred more organically than anything else. The artists involved are all close, all good mates, and the feedback from their managers was that it could really work. And it all sort of fell in to place. The actual line up itself was developed with guidance from Sera Wynatica, who helped us customise it to La Costa de la Luz’ taste for a more underground techno sound. We also wanted something different and unique to the scene and I think we have achieved that.

What are your expectations from the party’s debut in Spain?

An amazing night with thousands of people dancing under the full moon. One which will be talked about for many years to come.

Tickets to the Full Moon Party in Spain is available here.