For the first time since the release of his 2013 album Dettmann II, Marcel Dettmann is returning to the Ostgut Ton imprint for a solo release with the brand new EP, Test File.

Dettmann is a longtime resident at Berghain, mother-club to the Ostgut imprint. And his six-track, 2x12” EP sees the German veteran cross through dubby beats, clangy metallic techno, bleepy experimentalism, straight up minimal, and even groovy house with “Autumn77.”

Dettmann will close the Ostgut Ton Nacht at Berghain on August 11th, playing back-to-back with Ben Klock. More info on that night here, and pre-order Test File at the Ostgut Ton website. 

A1. Test-File
A2. Ascending
B. Autumn77
C1. Torch
C2. Error (1stTake)
D. Metalloid