Daniel Mark Avery is, without doubt, one of the finest talents in dance music today.

His productions and immersive performances behind the decks have captured the hearts of many fans around the globe. His back catalogue, particularly during his earlier years, is sprinkled with peak-time weapons, while more recent records from Avery focus on a textural evolution of sounds, with heavy drones, dark techno and ambient combining for an otherworldly experience.

Before he takes the stage at the beautiful BIME Live 2018 festival in Bilbao, we run through some of our favourite Daniel Avery productions. Strap in.

Drone Logic

"Drone Logic," the title track from Avery’s 2013 album, is an absolute winner. It's the outstanding embodiment of contemporary electronica, a mesh of gurgling acid tones that embraces the deep, and often unexplored, corners of electronic music. And incredibly, it's perfect for home listening, in the club and beyond.

All I Need

"All I Need" feels subtle, gently breezing through a boundless soundscape of distorted pads and carefully articulated percussion. Daniel presents a fragile cut, focused on a continued expansion of the track's distinguished elements.

Audion - Sky (Daniel Avery Remix)

It also turns out the Bournemouth-born DJ has a very good knack at producing alluring remixes. Our favourite is his hypnotic rework of Audion’s "Sky." Not many artists could complement or even improve on this work of art. However, Avery binds his melodious and hallucinogenic sounds around the original in style.


Diminuendo means to gradually reduce in force or loudness. This, ladies and gentlemen, epitomizes the depth and breadth of Avery’s artistry. With its panning claps, thumping kicks and droning elements, it crafts a ghostly aura, and is an absolute cauldron of boiling intensity.

Quick Eternity

An original from his latest album Song For Alpha, "Quick Eternity" mesmerises from the outset with a combination of growling ambience and twinkling chimes. The track is also a nod to Avery’s past (and present) affection to the emotional convergence of indie and techno.

Slow Fade

Our next selection is the bass-heavy "Slow Fade." Perhaps the most psychedelic track of the six, Avery intelligently evokes a deeper connection with the listener through his zoned-out pads and transcendental tones, resulting in a spiritually enriched composition.


An unsettlingly moody techno cut with bright, refracted melodies smeared all round the mix, "Projector" makes for trippy listening with shades of Shed-style in the drums.

Knowing We'll Be Here

This one finds Avery in a different mode entirely—almost making pop music. He layers dancing chords with female vocals before adding his trademark twisted synth textures. It's a real hands in the air, underground hit.

Water Jump

An epic track at the heart of Avery's recent album, this one has prickly acid lines and slapping, funky drums with ethereal vocals stitched in.