The fun of MDRNTY starts well before you actually board the giant luxury ocean liner that will be your rave den for the next few days. It started as soon as we hopped on the coach that transferred to the port. People got lively, started making new friends, sipping on beers and very much entered a youthful spirit that had excitement levels at fever pitch from the off.

As we arrived in Genoa and saw the 300-metre long ship, we were stunned. It’s truly vast, and usually home to 3,000 people on the chilled cruise of a lifetime. But for a few days, it's overrun with dance music lovers of all ages and nationalities. When we hopped on board we settled in our comfy cabin, then headed out looking for fun.

And it was everywhere. Even before you hit one of the various dance floors, there are pools to swim in, Jacuzzis with inflatable animals to lounge in, cinema screens, a casino, a photo gallery showing all the pictures taken during the trip, and a theatre that provided plenty of films to relax to should you get tried of dancing. If not, though, you can enjoy music 24/7.

The Pool Stage quickly became our favourite place to hang. It was a white stage with lots of lush floral decoration, where slick house sets from Behrouz and Audiofly sound-tracked people’s pool-based antics. Inside the boat, and shinier club spaces, we heard huge acts like Black Coffee serving up house in the low ceilinged space, making for a nice and intimate experience.

There were a couple of stop-offs during the cruise, but you really have to be motivated to get up and off the boat if you’ve been dancing late into the morning. We were, so enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach of Plage Saint-Francois in Corsica, as well as a walk round the Ajaccio old town with its gorgeous narrow streets and old architecture. Later, in Sardinia, we made a quick trip to In Vino Veritas and feasted on some quality wine, a tasting plate of local salumi e formaggi before heading back to the boat.

Watching the sun set into the ocean while dancing to Osunlade's shamanistic house on the top deck was one of the best experiences of the trip, especially thanks to the all inclusive booze and food deal. Cassy also played the top deck stage for about five hours, keeping us locked on the floor a tasteful mix of deep and driving fare. As we hit the dock for the final time, we were fully spent after such non-stop action, but that’s what made MDRNTY such a unique proposition. 

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