Returning for its seventh instalment, the Soma Coma series from Slam-run imprint Soma Records showcases the beatless and more melodic sides of techno and electronica, with ambient remixes and drone originals from Slam, Rebekah, Edit Select, Jonas Kopp, Clouds, Deepchord and others.

It's a series that's proven especially well-loved, giving fans a glimpse into another side of the compilation's more techno-focused artists across its 13 tracks.

Due this Friday, June 22nd, we have the premiere of Clouds Deepbassthrombosis' remix of Slam's "Resolved." Check it out below. 

1.Deepbass - Circa (Ambient Version)
2.Deepchord - Roca 9
3. SLV – A different space
4. Edit Select – Intra-Grain
5. Petrichor - Koh-Rah
6. Rebekah - Requiem For A Dream
7. 04LM - Tragicaller (beatless mix)
8. Charles Fenckler – Anxiety
9.Slam - Fine
10. Slam - Pattern A3 (Jonas Kopp Ambient Mix)
11. Slam - Resolved (Clouds Deepbassthrombosis Mix)
12. Gemini Voice Archive – Quarks
13. Slam - Synchronicity (Jeroen Search rmx)