Nina Kraviz' experimental techno label трип (Trip) is celebrating its 20th release with a 10-track compilation.

Don't Mess With Cupid features artists close to the label, like Kraviz herself, along with Iceland's Bjarki and Biogen, as well as Shadowax, Universal Indicator and Roma Zuckerman.

Stylistically, it traces hardcore, gabber, acid techno and ambient, and the tracks are structured in a way that allows them to be mixed together in endless combinations, or "a continuous loop, a trip, that needs only end when the party stops," the press release states.

Don't Mess With Cupid will be released via on July 20th, 2018.

A1. Biogen - Hexagraphic
A2. PTU - Castor and Pollux
A3. Deka - Pearl (Nikita Zabelin Edit)
B1. Exos - Grasshunter
B2. Bjarki — 3-1 Tap Lush
C1. Marc Acardipane a.k.a. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker
C2. Shadowax — I want to be a stewardess
D1. Universal Indicator - 15 c7
D2. Roma Zuckerman - Zero
D3. Nina Kraviz - Opa