Nic Chagall and Bossi AKA one of the most influential trance duos called Cosmic Gate have been in the dance music scene for two decades. With such an illustrious career, the prolific German duo has released an insight into their lives in a form of a documentary called Materia.

Materia means ‘matter’, which is the substance that surrounds us according to Chagall’s explanation in the video. It is also the title of their longplayer released in 2017.

The documentary itself showcases the duo's touring exploits around the globe in a quest to find more meaning in music. It features in-depth interviews that reveal the motive of this special feature. Chagall and Bossi’s passion for music has them encapsulating everything they have experienced to determine their future in the scene.

Materia – The Documentary is available through all streaming platforms. Check it out below.