After a string of early, big releases on Pan-Pot's Second State, Brighton-born, Berlin-based Rebecca Godfrey is showing real signs of coming into her own as a producer with Signs & Breaks, a three-track EP due soon on VOIGHT.

As its name suggests, BEC's latest intertwines the rave-inspired breakbeat sound thats currently capturing the underground's imagination, with deep, emotional techno for what's arguably her best outing yet.

"Instead of just jamming, or having a reference idea already, I wanted to take a different approach to this EP," BEC told Pulse via email. "And create a project that uses a sine wave as the main hook, combined with breakbeats, to see what comes out of this! Each track is quite different—which I like.

My inspiration for this EP Sines & Breaks came from my early UK clubbing days, when I used to go to illegal drum & bass and dubstep raves. So I wanted to see how I could incorporate this into my productions. I just used Ableton Live's Operator to create and adapt the sound of the sine wave. Although it's nice to use hardware, sometimes it's not necessary and exactly the same thing can be achieved in the box. Meaning I could also do this whilst on a place.

Sometimes I find that percussion can be a bit too safe and same-y in a lot of techno releases these days. Break beats interrupt the flow and I've found they make people dance like crazy!" 

BEC's Signs & Breaks EP will be released via VOIGHT on June 29th, 2018.

01. Sines & Breaks 1
02. Sines & Breaks 2
03. Sines & Breaks 3