US techno artist Colleen Martin, aka Lady Starlight, has quite a story to tell. From warming up Lady Gaga’s concert tours to performing at some of the finest clubs Berlin has to offer, she is actively championing a speedy and stripped back sound that is reminiscent banging '90s techno.

Lady Starlight will be performing some serious techno at Headquarters by The Council in Singapore and Under9 in Kuala Lumpur this weekend. Read up on some essential information about the artist below before her much anticipated performance in Southeast Asia.

Lady Gaga’s Gal Pal

Lady Gaga fans will know Lady Starlight as the opening act the American pop star’s last three tours. The two have been friends since Gaga’s early New York clubbing days when they co-hosted a weekly night called New York Street Revival and Trash Dance. Lady Starlight is also behind some of Gaga’s burlesque glam rock outfits when the singer kicked off her career.

The Surgeon Effect

Lady Starlight’s constant collaborator Surgeon fondly refers her as his "techno sister separated from birth." They met on a fateful night when Surgeon and his wife were at a Lady Gaga concert in Birmingham. Needless to say, he was in awe with Lady Starlight’s warm performance and uncompromising live techno set.

In 2014, she brought Surgeon as a special guest on Gaga’s ArtRave tour, which became the first of several collaborative live performances with him. During rehearsals before the show, Lady Starlight heard his modular set up in the arena and felt like it was the first time she heard techno and it radically altered her gear set up.

A Diverse Music Fan

Lady Starlight draws her inspiration from various forms of music. Some of the most influential vinyl records that has influenced her musical journey includes Iron Maiden’s self-titled album, Van Der Graaf Generator’s Godbluff and Jeff Mills’ Waveform Transmission Vol. 1.

The Big Berlin Move

Like many foreign electronic artists, Lady Starlight is now based in Berlin: “It was the best decision I ever made," she said. "To have the support of people around you who understand you, is fantastic. It feels like a real community."

The Long Awaited Debut EP

Despite being in the music scene for quite awhile, Lady Starlight released her debut EP in May 2017. The album is called Untitled and contains four sublime tracks released by Stroboscopic Arfefacts. She continued to indulge in her creative streak with another EP called Which One of Us Is Me? for Len Faki’s Figure label last December. The album was heavily inspired by the sounds of Jeff Mills and banging ‘90s UK techno.

Lady Starlight will be making her debut in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur this weekend with gigs slated at Headquarters by The Council on June 29th and Under9 on June 30th