Three years after releasing Interstellar Destiny, Diynamic affiliate Thyladomid is returning with Places, an LP inspired by everyday spaces, moods and situations. 

Though it's by no means an ordinary listen. By invololving traditional instruments like the piano and violin, gear like the Prophet 6 and Moog Sub37, and field recordings—including bouncing stones on a frozen pond—the German producer has once again created a rich and organic world all his own. Track titles like "A Little Church in Amsterdam" and "Lost in Istanbul" hint at where the album's self-recorded percussion, included in all of the tracks, likely originated from. For instance, "Parque Güell," Thyladomid's favourite spot in Barcelona, perfectly captures the famous park's relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Before Places is released on June 1st via Traum Schallplatten, Thyladomid has woven some of his favourite tracks from the LP together for a continuous mix.

“This is Thyladomid and I am presenting a selection with my very favourite tracks from my upcoming album Places. I have selected these particular tracks to create a special walk through my album without the need of skipping to the next song. Hopefully you can listen and especially enjoy summer outside, perhaps with a glass of wine in the garden.”

1. Thyladomid ft. Mario Hammer and the lonely Robot - Morgenhain
2. Thyladomid - A Little Church in Amsterdam
3. Thyladomid - Night Owl
4. Thyladomid - Underwater Rhapsody
5. Thyladomid - Parque Güell
6. Thyladomid ft. Mahfoud - Blossoming Limburg
7. Thyladomid - Lost in Istanbul 
8. Thyladomid - Kollwitzplatz
9. Thyladomid - Reversed Soul
10. Thyladomid ft. Mahfoud - Places