Frenchman, Karim Sahraoui just released his first EP under the R&S Records banner. Plenitude has been described as a release that showcases deep and emotive techno that draws on the rich legacy of Detroit but very much relevant in today’s scene.

Karim who previously went under several guises including Djinxx, Soul Monkey and Electronic Resistance returned to making music under his own name when he released the Eternal Life EPs in 2014. The release didn’t just bring him back on track but also Derrick May’s iconic Transmat label at the same time.

Back in 2009 he decided to take a break from the industry and it led him to Malaysia in search of something new. It was in 2010 that Karim reconnected with May in Singapore by chance. Two years later when Karim almost reached his breaking point, May encouraged him to get back on his feet again.

Karim is now back stronger than ever with his latest release. The Frenchman spared some time to give us the lowdown on his first release on R&S Records, his move to Asia and the complete electronic dance music starter kit for aspiring young producers.

We’re loving the new Plenitude EP. How long did it take until you were fully satisfied with the finished product?

Thanks for loving it! The project was quite long to finish especially the track "Before The 2nd Coming" but I would say in total a couple of month. I know I'm quite slow now but I like to take my time to go where I have to go. Deep.

This is your first release on R&S Records, wow did this new relationship happen?

It came naturally I would say. After releasing two EPs on Transmat, Renaat and I got in touch and a collaboration came out of this.

How does this EP with R&S reflect on the producer that you are today?

Today I really try to focus to make versatile EPs with different approaches for each tracks. With the Plenitude EP I think it reflects quite well.

You’ve reinvented yourself in the last couple of years, what were the challenges of getting back on your feet to start making music under your own name?

The idea came from Derrick May who suggested me to come back in the music scene under my real name and I thought it was a good idea. I think reinventing yourself is really important because it’s the only thing that defines your personality in your music. I thank God for giving me the inspiration to do so.

What actually led you to moving to Asia?

The culture, the people, the food, the diversity, the colours.

What were you mostly doing during that three year break away from production?

I was dedicating myself to real estate. Selling properties in France and Thailand.

How has living in Malaysia inspired your career?

This country has impacted my life so much for different personal reasons. One of them has been the birth of my second daughter in Kuala Lumpur. But music wise I understood by stepping back in Asia that making music was not a question of releasing a lot of it but rather about going deep in your soul and try to take the best out of it and release the project on the good label.

You’ve been in the electronic music scene for more than two decades, what in your opinion are the different challenges producers face from back then and now?

Every period has faced challenges. We were kind of blessed by the golden age of vinyl. Now with all the new digital era, the quantity of new labels and new music that comes out every weeks is just ridiculous. It’s hard to break throughout. And the quality of production has evolved considerably.

Many new producers tend to follow current trends, what would you advise them in order to stand out?

It’s up to them. In my opinion just follow your heart. That’s it.

How has your touring schedule differ as a family man?

Well by touring on the weekends it gives me the opportunity to stay with family the whole week.

Do you see yourself encouraging your child to listen to electronic music?

Well that's their daddy's world. If they would like to, why not? We rarely listen electronic music at home.

What would be the electronic music starter pack for the young ones?

A good laptop with lots of RAM memory, Logic Studio + a good vst bundle, a small midi keyboard, a good studio headphone. Some knowledge on how to mix and edit.

Karim Sahraoui will be performing in Bangkok for Karma Kruise 3.0 on May 12th. Check out the details here.