International Music Summit (IMS) co-founders Pete Tong and Ben Turner will pay tribute to late EDM icon Avicii ahead of the Ibiza conference at its first wellness retreat, Remedy State that will be held from May 21st to the 23rd.

The special event that was revealed last December will be using its platform to honour the late Swedish star who recently died in Oman at the age of 28. Avicii retired from live performance in 2016 due to some health concerns. “When EDM blew up he was the first member of the ‘audience’, as it were, that actually stepped up from his home studio and took over the world,” Tong said in an interview.

“It definitely took its toll on him and it’s tragic - particularly in light of the fact that he’d already taken the decision in 2016 to step back (from touring). But he was always so passionate about making music. That was where he was most comfortable,” he continued

The retreat, Remedy State was developed from IMS 2017’s talk popular talk, Health Vs Hedonism. It was launched as a response to the discussion where they believe that action was needed to address some of the issues that were affecting artists in the scene.

Turner added: “When we started this summit we were talking about the validity of the DJ Magazine Top 100. Ten years later, we're talking about Health Vs Hedonism and sexual harassment - deep, intense and important issues. That just shows me, partly, how the electronic music industry has grown up over the 11 years that we've been doing this, but also about society in general and how things are generally changing for the better.”

“There is now open dialogue about mental health, sexual harassment and clearly the conversation's been heading quite openly into the areas which we believe surround Avicii's passing,” he continued.

Source: Music Week