If you’re looking for something off the beaten commercial track in Durban this year, there’s a collective turning fresh spaces into intimate, underground dance events with high production value.

“ALTR was formed as an alternative to the city’s dance music scene. We were forced to start something new because no one was promoting underground sounds we love.”

The result is highly curated pop-up parties across a variety of venues each month with a strictly underground music policy. ALTR’s powerful, custom-built sound system sets the tone for a focus on music without hype that lets the sound-waves do the talking. Their resident DJ’s are experienced heads that love digging for new music and offering a fresh take on contemporary house and techno.

ALTR Co-Founder/Resident DJ: Luke (Luke Young)

In their mission statement ALTR express their intent to shift the soundscape of Durban: "To give talented underground DJ`s and producers a reason to stay in Durban. To offer an alternative club culture that will develop future talent and set an international production level as its standard. To run a space that curates raw quality and fights against the conservative corrosion of promoters and club owners in Durban. A space free from scene or race politics, that will always give the spotlight to talent without nepotism or sexism and welcome all who will listen. A safe space for all genders and sexual preferences."

ALTR Co-Founder/Resident DJ: Lotech (Schalk Louw)

Owners Luke Young, Schalk Louw and Terry Aronis are confident about the future of Durban’s scene: “There’s a massive gap in the city soundscape for something to balance the commercial sounds. We want to give people a cutting-edge alternative that’s in line with the exciting stuff that’s happening around the world and in our other cities. For now, the following for underground sounds isn’t big in Durban, so we’re using smaller venues, which works to our advantage because every party is intimate and feels really special.”

ALTR Co-founder/Resident DJ: The Push (Terry Aronis and Matt Bryson)

Join the ALTR for their launch event at Lindo’s on Helen Joseph Road on Friday the 13th of April. For event details click here

And on April 26th at Absolute on Florida Road for a public holiday special with guest Grant VR from TOYTOY.  For event details click here

Article Compiled by  Luke Young