If electronic music has a figure that defines "nonchalance," it's probably Tiga.

Clearly lamenting America's latest self-help book craze in the press release for his latest EP with Clarion, Tiga muses: “I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but what I also don’t pretend to have is patience for those who pretend to do.”

Tiga may not have all the answers, but his suited-up swagger and deadpan sardonicism keenly remind us that he certainly has some.

Teaming up with longtime studio partner Clarian, "Stay Cool" gushes nonchalance, admonishing listeners to just "stay cool" no matter how wild those acid-heavy rumblings (or the world around you) becomes. 

Along with the spaced-out "You're So Special" b-side (which includes a Trance Mix), Tiga and Clarian's latest EP answers the only question that really matters right now: with the world seemingly coming apart around us, what should we do?

Easy, just stay cool. The rest will follow.   

Stay Cool will be released via Turbo on March 16th.

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