Malaysian DJ, Leng Yein shared a rather disturbing and emotional post on Facebook on an early Friday morning.

The horrifying post was accompanied by pictures of her looking bruised and bloodied, which she alleged was the result of being physically abused by her ex-boyfriend. In her post, the EDM DJ also insinuated that he had ties to local authorities, but she wasn’t afraid to expose the truth.

“I know u r close to the police and law system. But i am not afraid of the TRUTH. This is NOT LOVE. Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT,” she wrote.

Incidentally, Leng Yein said she had an operation just nine hours before the incident. She had developed an infection in her lymph nodes after eating seafood in Taiwan earlier in March. The infection had spread to her left breast, which resulted in a much needed surgery.

You can read the rest of her post below.