A Philadelphia-based DJ's gigs were cancelled after he was told via email that his "image" didn't fit the party.  What was wrong with his image, according to promoters? 

He's "overweight." 

Scott Diaz shared the email chain via his personal Facebook page, which shows promoters contacting his agent Kelly asking about fees and availability for an unnamed Ibiza party. After replying, whoever contacted Scott said he was "overruled," and told Kelly that they now felt Scott's weight didn't fit the "image or ethos" of the party. 

Scott and his agent were clearly confused by the sudden reversal, and even more upset by the body-shaming reason for cancellation. Diaz took to Facebook to vent:  

"‪Just got told that, after *they* contacted *me* about a booking for this summer, an event has now decided they don’t want to book me because my ‘image doesn’t fit'

When pressed on what this meant, they said that I was ‘overweight’ and ‘the way Scott looks doesn’t fit with what the people attending our parties expect’. ‬

Mental. I’m deadly serious as well.

I am a bit overweight but what does that have to do with playing music? Is this really what it’s come to??

How the fuck have we fallen this far? We are SO obsessed with image and looks it’s insane."

Scott recently remixed an EP on Defected by Rapson and Nathan Thomas called "Heat." Check that out here, and read the email chain below. 

via Scott Diaz Faceboo Page