Asia’s vinyl only record label, More Rice will be releasing its second EP from one of its three founders, DOTT on March 9th.

The 26 year-old Bangkok native’s first pressed record under the label is called Mah Noi, which means ‘little dog’ in Thai. The EP perfectly showcases DOTT’s signature style of music which is deep, driven and moody with an organic twist.

The lead track, “Unbreakable” is a slow builder that creeps in with a big bassline and warm chords. It is accentuated with hints of Thai elements namely in the vocal samples. The track also features a trippy remix by Eric Volta.

The EP also includes “Paradox”, which sets itself apart with a more emotional theme to it. The final track, “Gone” has an almost haunting and organic sound to it that would be fitting for a tropical sunrise setting.

MR002 Mai Noi EP by DOTT will be released on March 9th and it is now available for pre-order via Juno Records, Red Eye Records and Decks Records. Check out the snippets below.