Having just played two festivals outside of Cape Town, Till Von Sein released the second EP on his new label Tilly Jam, and will be heading to the city’s famous We House Sundays this weekend armed with an arsenal of new music.

Titled Feva, She Said, the four track EP displays von Sein’s broad appreciation for house, and will no doubt become a favourite in playlists around the globe this year.

We caught up with Tilly to find out more about his second life in Cape Town and his brand new EP released today.

Where are you originally from and why the move to Cape Town? Also, what about the city attracts you?

I am originally from Northern Germany and been living in Berlin for 11 years now. Whilst I haven’t moved to Cape Town, it has become my winter escape for the last few years. At first I stayed for two weeks, and now it’s already six weeks every winter. Maybe one day, who knows, it could become my main hub. The city and surrounding area is just the most magical place I’ve visited. The nature, ocean, weather, people and of course the food. It’s kinda like a perfect mixture of San Francisco and Los Angeles with a sprinkle of Brooklyn, if that makes sense?

You recently played We Love Summer and Wolfkop Weekender, two of SA’s favourite festivals. How has your music been received this side of the world?

Both shows were really good. Different crowds and different reactions. Wolfkop definitely turned out to be one for the books though. One of the best festivals I’ve ever seen and I’m not even sure the guys that run it know what kinda gem they have created there. The place with that little lake and the mountains, totally off the grid, just the beauty of the nature. That’s something you don’t experience too often. I think the music I played was received pretty ok too I would say.

What do you think about the current wave of African artists making their name on the world stage?

It’s been really interesting to see the strength of talent coming through. I’ve been following guys like Culoe and Coffee for a few years now and they’ve suddenly just exploded and are huge everywhere. Black Coffee has gone to a whole different level. It’s been quite crazy to see how big he’s become in the last two years. There are tons of really interesting artists from the continent though. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Loko and Jullian Gomes for example.

How has Africa influenced you as a person and as an artist?

I’d say it’s definitely helped in making me more laid back and I’ve rediscovered the beauty of the nature.

What are your favorite parties in the world?

There are certain places where I’ve never really had a bad experience. Mexico for example is always amazing. The people are super positive, they love to dance and they’re open minded. Milan, Italy is a great place as well, and of course South Africa. It’s perhaps the only place in the world where I play my own music, which usually I always try to avoid doing. It just seems to fit my vibe perfectly.

You recently started your own label, Tilly Jam. What sparked the idea to create your own label?

You know, I just wanted to have a platform for music that I’ve been working on and to be a bit more independent. Having the freedom to release whatever and whenever I want. And if other artists send me stuff, and I like it, then let’s spread it.

What is the ethos and sound of the label?

House music. Pure and simple. That’s the main direction for sure. The many face of it. But of course, if there is something else I like, even if it’s reggae or rap, then I wont say no. But it’s positive vibes only on Tilly Jam—music that makes you feel good and makes you smile.

Which artists will be releasing on Tilly Jam?

Well, the first two EPs are by yours truly. The Heaven EP came out a couple of months back and the new one Feva, She Said is actually out this week. For the third I’m handing over the reins to a producer called Mohig. After that, well, let’s see. Mohig is a guy from West Germany who has a great project on Mo Black called Afroschnitzel, which is more on the Afro house tip. He was sending me tunes and the two I’ve signed are just outstanding. Black Loops has done a remix of one of the tracks and I’m super stoked to have him on board too.

What are some of your plans for 2018?

Well, I’ve been finishing a new compilation for Suol; choosing twelve of my own tracks from the past and also completing three new ones for the release. So that’s the next big project for me. After that I’m gonna be back to working on new music for Tilly Jam.

What are three of your favourite tracks at the moment?

Parribean Disco by Dimitri from Paris, Mohig’s Searching for Barong and Goin’ On? by Eli Escobar.

Which artist should we keep our eye on this year?

D.Y.A. Everything I hear from him blows my mind. And Pablo Fierro. He is such a talented and versatile producer.

Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I was a really bad student in school, like really bad. Couldn’t be bothered. I’ve had to do tenth grade like three times! Yup, three times baby!

Feva, She Said is now available on Juno.

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