Dirtybird are well known for their no-holds-barred releases, sending dancefloors into a frenzy with every tune. And the forthcoming EP from German Brigante stays true to their ethos.

Dropping tomorrow, The Opposite is a two-track offering packed with quirky percussion licks, boisterous basslines and rhythmic chord stabs, while maintaining the undeniable tech house bounce you’d expect from dirtybird.

Off the back of an extensive tour of Chile, Argentina and Mexico, we caught up with German Brigante for some insight on this invigorating new EP.

What's it like being part of the dirtybird crew?

I always wanted to work with them, it has been a reference for many years now. So I am really happy to finally become a part of the crew. Also, they are professional and really easy to work with. Meeting and playing with them at the LA campout was incredible.

What was the inspiration for the artwork?

They always create the artwork, and always deliver a unique piece of art for every release.

The new EP is pretty wild and well suited for dirtybird. Are you gravitating to a more boisterous sound at the moment?

Thanks, this release was specially created for dirtybird. I am also doing more melodic stuff but always keeping the groove.  

What else can we look forward to from you this year?

Hopefully another release on dirtybird, remixes for DJ T and Mandy on Get Physical, and a release on Diynamic.

The Opposite comes out tomorrow, January 26th. Pre-order the EP on Beatport.