Club Deluxe in Long Street, Cape Town was an institution for house music and helped build a family of DJs, promoters and fans in the city. The club became the stepping stone for many successful event brands like LoveAll, Defenders of the Deep and Funky Buddha, and of course, Soul Revolution.

Made up of Erefaan Pearce, Leighton Moody and Cassiem Latief, Soul Revolution helped create a benchmark of technical skill and taste for the house music community in Cape Town.

After many years of parties and memories, the trio are still revered as anchors of the house scene.

Check out this video of Erefaan Pearce and Leighton Moody laying it down at the legendary Home of House.

After closing its doors in 2012, the legacy of Deluxe lives on. And this weekend you can relive the memories at Deluxe: For One Night Only this Friday, December 15th, at Reset in Loop Street. Tickets available here.

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