Malaysia’s top hip hop star and urban lifestyle entrepreneur Joe Flizzow just released a controversial music video for his latest track “Drop”, racking up nearly half a million views on YouTube since its release.

While many of his fans have been singing the track’s praises, Joe’s music video has offended a number of local Malay Muslims who condemn the rapper for featuring a woman clad in a bikini, citing religious and cultural beliefs.

Malays make up the majority of Muslims in Malaysia, but have wide ranging beliefs when it comes to certain cultural issues. Joe is in fact of Malay descent, and those who have criticised his actions question what some are calling his “deviant” choice.

One YouTube comment said (translated): “Do you have to make such a video just for international success? Doesn’t he remember what faith he believes in?”

Though not everyone agrees.

One local user wrote: “How about we just appreciate the art of the music instead of all the negativity. If you’re triggered don’t watch the video, just listen to the song.”

Joe has apologised for offending those who has condemned his music video. He justified his decision by clarifying that it was done to cater to the international audience. “She’s not a Muslim. And her choice of clothing is common in her culture. Obviously, we know what we’re putting out, but I’m sorry if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” Joe said in an interview with the New Straits Time.

He added that there are too many people with nothing better to do. “There are far more important things in the world that need our attention,” he said.

“Drop,”was produced to further his career in the international market. The success of fellow Malaysian artist, Yuna, who is currently based in the US has inspired the rapper to release more English songs.

“I have only pride and happiness for Yuna, but at the same time, I’m jealous, because she got to perform to a wider audience and on more stages. I want that too,” the Subang Jaya native said at the Kuala Lumpur single launch recently.

Watch Joe Flizzow’s stunning music video for latest single, “Drop” below.