Danish DJ and producer, Martin Jensen has come a long way since starting out as a mobile DJ in Jutland.

His current success is mainly attributed to his worldwide hit, “Solo Dance”, which was released towards the end of 2016. Jensen’s career changing single was immediately embraced by his fans and it continued to gather momentum right into 2017.

The track has successfully garnered an impressive 317 million streams worldwide and it also achieved platinum status in a number of countries. and over 3 million followers on social media propelled Martin Jensen onto the top lists of Spotify worldwide.

Jensen’s DJ career has taken him to the big stages in Asia, sweaty main rooms, the Wembley Stadium for Capital FM’s Summer Ball, and most importantly, Tomorrowland. Despite achieving these milestone moments, the young Dane sees himself juggling the early days of his career. These days he’s working even harder than before to combine the extensive touring schedule with quality studio time. Jensen looks back at 2017 with a selection of some of his favourite EDM dance floor bangers.

Digital Farm Animals - Digital Love

“I really like this song because it reflects on social media trends in 2017. This tune in particular focuses on the dating app, Tinder. It’s really funny and I enjoy listening to it. And no, I don’t have anything in common with the song.”

Alex Aiono - Does It Feel Like Falling (Martin Jensen Remix)

“I recently I did this remix and made it more of a club tune. I’m really, really happy with it because it has a feel good vibe to it, and Alex’s voice is amazing.”

Hailee Steinfeld - Starving

“It’s a really, really lovely song because she’s actually singing about sex but in a way that you don't hear people usually sing about sex. She’s starving together with her new boyfriend.”

Martin Jensen - Wait

“Wait was an amazing track to produce because I made it with all my fans. It was really cool to see how I could collaborate with them all at once in one track. I think the result was pretty awesome.”

Zedd - Stay

“Easily one of the biggest hits of 2017. I love listening to this one. Once again it’s all about the love story, it’s about how they can’t stay away from each other and just want to be together all of the time. Such a catchy tune.

Lost Kings - Phone Down (Justice Skolnik Remix)

“I really love this track because sometimes when you’re sitting in a meeting or in a restaurant and people have their phones out, I just wanna yell, ‘guys, just put the phones down already!’ Listen to this track, then put the phone down when you’re sitting with people that actually love and want to spend time with you, and not just to interact with you via social media.”

Steve Aoki - Just Hold On

“Steve is an amazing performer and I always think he brings so much passion to his live shows, and finally I found a chilled out track that I like to listen to on the radio, or on a flight. A typical love story song. I’m totally into that kind of music right now.”

Martin Jensen - Solo Dance

“This was my biggest hit of 2017. It was actually released in 2016 but it really took off the year after. It hit #3 on the British single dance charts which was freaking awesome. It became ‘Track Of The Day’ on BBC Radio 1 in England as well. I’m really, really happy with the outcome of it.”

Marshmello - Silence

“Marshmello’s “Silence” is such a tune. I can’t stop listening to it. I don’t know if Spotify has counted how many times I’ve listened to it but it would definitely be over 500 times. I’m really enjoying this track and Marshmello is of course the new superstar DJ in the world.”

J Balvin - Mi Gente (Henry Fong Remix)

“This is my top track of 2017 I’ve played this track in nearly every set in 2017. There’s so much power in the track. It rocks the dance floor everytime. It’s just so awesome.”

Martin Jensen will be performing at SAGA Music Festival in Bali, which takes place on December 29th, X2 Club in Jakarta on the 30th, and The Final Countdown in Seoul on December 31st.