As many of you likely know, Berghain is actually the reincarnation Ostgut, a club that ran from 1998 and 2003 and helped put a few of Berghain's now famous residents on the map.

Much like its second iteration, Ostgut held an anything-goes spirit, with male-only Snax parties running through its center. It was also home to the first Panorama Bar, and gave a young Marcel Dettmann his start, who says he learned an early lesson after getting a "fair amount of shit" for DJing drunk and shirtless there one night. He also touts club's main resident André Galluzzi as "a super-entertainer, kind of like the Sven Väth of Berlin." 

In this video, found by The Advent and shared by, The Advent, Dave Angel and Johannes Heil are whipping up a storm for an atypically rawkus Berlin crowd. It's a wonderful glimpse at techno clubbing history.