Glen Lewis is widely regarded as a godfather of SA house music, with his mix compilation Midtempo 2000 becoming one of the most influential house music compilations of its time.

This was followed by the Numero Uno and House Avenue series, which once again placed Glen Lewis as a tastemaker and musical pioneer in the country.

10 years later, Glenzito returns with the brand new compilation series Matters of House. And once again, he is showing South Africa his knack for forward-thinking, innovative beats with a touch of soul.

Matters of House consists of 14 deep house and tech tunes, including tracks by Rampa, Mano Le Tough and Andre Lodemann. The compilation is a clear indication that Glen Lewis hasn’t lost touch of current trends and is still able to innovate after so many years in the industry.

Matters of House is available from Musica and iTunes.