The third installment of the giant scale Future Frequency Festival kicked off last weekend at the Grindrod Intermodal container yard, attracting thousands of revellers to the raw and unrefined venue.

Situated in the industrial suburb of Maitland, Future Frequency has become a favourite in Cape Town, consistently bringing top class international acts to the unique venue, so getting there early was a must. After navigating through the crazy traffic, we hopped out the Uber and walked past concrete walls and metal truck trailers which would be our home for many hours to come.

Thousands of punters danced inside the massive industrial structure surrounded by large intermodal containers, with a huge Funktion-One sound system stacked higher than two people in the front. Above the rig was a container, completely open on all sides, which created a simplistic yet sleek DJ box. Just in time for the first headliner, Moonwalk, we hurried to the dancefloor to take in this larger-than-life setup, enjoying the pristine sound system on a glorious sunny day in Cape Town.

With excitement now mounting and the heat still beating down, we headed to the bar area and food court situated under a large canopy, with more containers hosting different attractions inside. One had a karaoke jukebox, another had Jagermeister on tap, and one refrigerated container even had a “chilled” massage setup inside. Walking past the pool tables and human gyroscope, we headed to the lavatories. But a little birdie told me that one of the cubicles was an entrance to a secret stage.

Wandering around looking for the secret entrance, we returned to the main stage, with Sound Language taking the crowd on a sonic journey. And just then we remembered seeing another toilet section as we entered the gate. As we arrived we saw an orange cubicle with an Olmeca logo on it and moved in—we’d found it! Suddenly we were having it out on a long, narrow dancefloor with a sound system at the end to acts like Rose Bonica, Floyd Lavine, Pierre Estienne and Julz Sanchez. They were bringing the heat to a 200 capacity secret area, keeping the floor packed all night, giving the Future People a great alternative to the thundering mainstage.

After galavanting for an hour or so and enjoying some delicious vegetarian nachos from Dos Chido (no meat at this festival) we headed back to the thumping main stage for the big guns; Noir and Radio Slave, followed by local power duo Bruno Morphet and D_know.

Noir certainly had the crowd in the palms of his hands, throwing bomb after bomb for what was the best FFF set to date. His energy and passion exuded as he lead the thousands through every rise and every drop. A superb booking from the organisers.

As can be expected, Radio Slave pulled out all the stops and delivered a solid dose of techno to the frothing audiences, as if they hadn’t already got their money’s worth. The now freezing temperatures didn’t deter the audience though, who stayed for the long haul with Bruno and D_Know wrapping up an immensely enjoyable Future Frequency Festival.

At the third installment of FFF, it was evident that the organisers had perfected their recipe, and all the big and small elements combined beautifully to create a truly unique and wildly exciting playground for the big kids. The sound and lighting was impeccable, and really gave punters an experience second to none. You can definitely count me as one of the Future People for many years to come.

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Images by Closure