We’ve compiled some of the best music to come out of Asia in August, with Singapore label Midnight Shift’s latest EP by Kirk Degiorgio, an ambient treat by Elintseeker, and a chilled out remix of Robert Miles’ “Children” by Manila based artist, Mica.

Kirk Degiorgio - Acid Symphony (John Beltran Remix)

Midnight Shift releases its follow up to the first of the SHIFT LTD capsule collection by Xhin with an EP by Kirk Degiorgio that comes with a stellar remix from John Beltran. Two full-bodied tracks are featured in SHIFT LTD 002 including headspin stomper, “The Nearness of Flames” and “Acid Symphony”, a rich acid tune that has been reimagined by ambient producer, John Beltran.

SHYQA - Bleeding (Sonia Calico Remix)

Russian label, Eco Futurism Corporation unleashed its first physical release, ECOPRIMITIVISM Part 1 by the mysterious SHYQA. It comes with remixes by stellar producers across the globe, including Taiwan’s Sonia Calico.

Fauxe - Recommended 4 U

Singaporean mastermind, Fauxe has definitely been making his time in Kuala Lumpur worthwhile, especially with the release of his eight-track spectacular, Recommended 4 U. Armed with his SP-404, the album features a healthy mix of mellow, bright melodies and rugged percussions. “The entire beat tape developed when I realised I haven’t made beats with my 404 in a long time. So this is a no rules free format one time takes of music that I’ve been sampling,” Fauxe wrote.

Elintseeker - Gerwalk

Fuzz Lee AKA Elintseeker has been impressing local music fans with his trademark of tranquil and ambient offerings for quite some time now. He continues to impress the fans with his latest release, Gerwalk. “The source material was recorded as a documentation of random ideas in preparation as well as a form of improvisational practice for a live performance art and sculpture event, which none of the material ended up being used,” he wrote on his Tumblr page. He basically created these amazing tunes by reassembling discarded recordings.

Robert Miles - Children (Mica Remix)

Robert Miles’ classic tune, “Children” remains one of the most iconic electronic dance music tracks ever. It has influenced and encouraged other artists to constantly reinterpret the original version into various vibes. This particular remix by Mica, an English DJ and producer based in Manila takes the tempo a notch or two to give it the perfect chilled out treatment.