A photo currently making its way around the Internet shows a vast sea of dusty bikes left behind at Burning Man.

The original photo, taken by Logan Mirto, has been shared thousands of times in the past 17 hours (ed. note: the original post has been embedded at the bottom of the article). And comments from around the web range from angry to astonished.

Some see it as a sign that Burning Man isn't what it used to be. Leaving behind thousands of bikes certainly seems to violate the event's "leave no trace" policy, and the Burning Man website even claims "Leaving No Trace is arguably Burning Man’s most important principle."

Others blame it on "Rich pricks who don't give a shit." Though most seem frustrated with Burners who "borrow" other people's bike during the burn and never return it. Without any plan to take it home, it simply winds up a casualty of the playa.

Most proposed donating the bikes to the less fortunate. Which certainly seems like a good idea. But the logistics of moving and cleaning that many bikes is of course a nightmare, which at least one person pointed out.

So what will happen with all those bikes? Hopefully they find a home before next year's Burning Man. 

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