Los Angeles native Cooper Saver prepares for a weighty weekend in Southern California, playing alongside international artists like Octo Octa, Palms Trax and Cut Copy.  

Having founded the event and mixtape series Far Away, Cooper's become warmly known for curating some of the most promising underground events in LA, bringing an unmatched tier of talent ranging from eclectic disco to experimental techno, with artists like Daphni, Ben UFO, Prins Thomas, Avalon Emerson and Shanti Celeste. 

Ahead of the festivities, Cooper dives into his latest projects, and tells us which acts he's most looking forward to this weekend. 

So you'll be heading out on a tour through Europe following CRSSD—exciting! Anything in particular you're excited about after taking the summer to rest? 

I'm really looking forward to staying and playing with friends and catching up with people I only get to see a few times each year. The social aspect of touring mixed with the solitude of being in transit is a really nice balance. The shows will be fun, and I'm particularly excited about playing in Russia for the first time. 

You've become a staple in the LA warehouse scene with your Far Away parties and dublab shows, bringing in quality talent surrounded by a quality crowd—what would you say is a key element to keeping the atmosphere proper and authentic? 

I just think we've been pretty consistent regarding the styles of music we like to share, and that aspect in itself brings out a crowd of people who are open minded to checking out something different. It seems like a lot of people who discovered us through some of the bigger acts have returned to our party to check out some of the lesser-known smaller artists we've booked, which is really nice to see. I guess just an authentic love for music is what keeps the atmosphere right. We also love to bring artists back annually, which helps build their fan base in LA and also America—this creates a family vibe and I think that's a crucial element for any party.

Do you take a different approach preparing for your radio shows versus a festival or club set? What does it take for you to feel satisfied with a mix?

With radio you can get as abstract and conceptual as you want without any real compromise. I definitely take radio and club quite seriously, and believe both should be personal, introspective, and a story. But with club sets you need to keep the dance floor happy... it's all about the people who are there and how they feel in that moment, and how you can navigate the energy in the room. Radio and club are two different contexts. With radio, I can prepare something weird and talk about it, and not worry about keeping a room full. But with club sets, I have a job to do, which requires a different (sometimes less selfish) approach.

Could you tell us a bit about the Far Away cassette tape series? Was there any specific goal behind the project and who gets featured on the tapes?

The idea originally was to highlight guests of the party and offer a different side of them, kind of like how I was just explaining the different contexts of radio vs club. I think the art of mixtapes and the art of radio are two very similar forms of expression, and it's always exciting to hear the sounds that inspire artists that we admire. The tape series has grown from just party guests to people we love in general, even if we've never actually met in person. Things have been a little quiet on the release front this year but we have some amazing tapes lined up coming soon.

Can we look forward to some new production from yourself in the near future? Anything else we should keep our eyes out for?

My remix for Eric Copeland should be coming out any day on DFA. I also just wrapped up another remix that should be announced in the next couple months. Apart from that just working on tracks and living life, nothing too crazy!

Artists Cooper is excited to see at CRSSD this weekend:

Gerd Janson B2B Prins Thomas 

Gerd and Thomas are two people I truly consider legends. Their labels, productions, and DJ sets have definitely been major sources of inspiration for me over the years. We've been lucky to have them both at Far Away in the past and I can't wait to see them play together. They have been underground heroes for such a long time and are really starting to get the recognition they deserve—I think that's very cool.

Cut Copy


Cut Copy's live show is next level—so full of energy. Their early albums played a vital role in the process of discovering dance music for me, and listening to their DJ sets back in the day were very formative experiences. I love everything they've released, and their new album has been on heavy rotation at home. This is my favorite track from the new record.


I've never actually seen Robert Hood perform before, so I'm especially looking forward to seeing him do his thing. Nobody should miss this opportunity to see one of techno's founding fathers. He's been making tons of music with his daughter, Lyric, and it appears they'll be performing together this weekend, which is so cool.

The Black Madonna

Marea's always fun and really knows how to work a crowd. If you've never seen her in action, I highly recommend making it over for her set—I'm always blown away by her ability to build up the energy and make people go crazy in a tasteful manner.

Palms Trax

He's a brilliant producer, but for me personally, he really shines as a selector. He's playing the lesser known cuts to the masses on big stages, taking lots of risks and keeping it eclectic. Definitely a breath of fresh air in comparison to a lot of the safe sounding big room jams being played these days. 

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