Back in 1970, most of the hip world was deeply immersed in rock and roll. But a few key players were setting the stage for the future of dance music as we know it.

In America, David Mancuso had just opened The Loft, which was the forerunner to the disco clubs that would spring up across the country. But in Germany, something altogether different was happening.

Halfway across the world, the newly formed Kraftwerk were performing some of their first concerts ever, playing the 4/4 rhythms we know and love today with early synths, keyboards and all manner of equipment—and one show was caught on film.

By the looks of it, many didn't quite know what hit them. But at this point, disco still hadn't even come and gone. And Cybotron's “Alleys of Your Mind” was still more than a decade away, so you can't really blame them.

But that means this is probably one of the first techno parties ever to happen. And it's almost assuredly the first one caught on film.