Words: Enrico Sangiuliano

When asked to do this selection, I took advantage of the opportunity by looking back through the whole Drumcode catalog and re-listen to so many tracks which I’d not heard for years, and it soon reminded me just how amazing they are. Drumcode has been on a long path and this can be seen in the releases from day one to now.

As the years have gone by, track after track, talent after talent, Adam Beyer’s label built its own personal vision and evolution of techno. In all honesty, it was so hard just choosing 10 of my personal favorites, but here they are! 

Cari Lekebusch - Jon’s Secret Technique - DC10 - 1997

Going back far into the archive with this one, as it was only Drumcode’s tenth release. Cari’s productions are a big column of the Drumcode temple. They are clever, innovative and big. I love listening to this masterpiece.

Gaetano Parisio - 19-99 (A1) - DC19 - 1999

He is like a Neapolitan scholar who taught many people how to groove and I think initiated the techno movement. I think this track has an edge or arrogance to it, but with elegant soul. It’s an unstoppable rolling machine of a track.

Adam Beyer - The Conclusion - DCLP01 - 1999

This track was taken from Adam’s second album, Protechtion. To me this track represents Drumcode in its entirety. The initial crescendo is massive. It’s much more narrative compared to the previous releases, as well as physically and mentally

Hardcell & Grindvik - Gravity - DC GAIN 03 2004

Looking back through the years, Hardcell and Pär Grindvik are quite a constant presence on Drumcode’s catalogue. This track has rapid drums and dramatic breaks that drive techno aficionados mad! The Hardcell & Grindvik formula had a dedicated space on the label with their special release series called “Grainlane”. I remember the vinyl in my hands, with that great cover design – one to be treated carefully!

Joseph Capriati ‎– The Gallery - DC83 - 2011

One of my all-time favorite tracks from the explosive Joseph Capriati, who bought a new energy to Drumcode with this release in 2011. This track is powerful and atmospheric; you can’t sit still with this playing. Good times for sure.

Roberto Capuano ‎– Vertigo - DC109 - 2013

The chords imported from Detroit, with solid drums and a dark synth bass. What more can I possible say about this track? It’s amazing – ticks all the boxes.

Alan Fitzpatrick - The Tetra - DC123 - 2014

Is Alan the man who made Drumcode’s biggest anthem’s maybe? Between all his pumping strikes, this deeper and melodic track is outstanding. Time and time again, he gets it just right. Hats off!

Luigi Madonna - Unconditional Beauty - DC135 - 2014

Luigi’s style is unique in many ways, and this track still sounds so fresh like it was made yesterday. That's a timeless track when you can play it many years after its release. This is an essential track for me; raw and edgy.

Dubspeeka - Primary K272 - DC137 - 2015

This one is a dark journey from Dubspeeka. Unique in style, rough and analogue but often melodic. He is one of my favorite artists around.

Sam Paganini - The Beat ft. Zøe - DC162 - 2016

Sam makes hits. So many of his tracks are completely amazing. Semi-industrial but also a clean, long, deep kick, sharp hats, acid synths and the vocal from Zoe on this one is the cherry on the cake. This is the definition of a dancefloor destroyer.

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