Hailing from Ha-Mojela in Lesotho, Teboho Mochaoa—better known as Morena Leraba—is combining Sotho lyrics with electronic music to create a catchy afro-infused house music sound. And his latest collaboration with DJ Spoko and Andre Geldenhuys is a percussion-driven dance floor bomb.


Shongo Foo” draws on various Southern African genres, like Lesotho’s famo and Spoko’s own Bacardi house, using Leraba’s traditionally inspired lyrics to bring Spoko and Geldhuys’ production to life.

In an interview with The Times, former shepard Leraba explains how his lyrics reference folklore passed on by older generations, saying: “Morena Leraba is an alter ego confined partly by rural and village perspectives; he tells village stories and everyday things from Basotho folklore and mythology, herbalism, witchcraft and other norms that define us as Bantu or Basotho people."

Leraba released his first single “Bojete” in 2014 with the help of German producer Fritz Holscher. The song snowballed his career leading to a collaboration with Spoek Mathambo on “Thapelo ea”, which featured on Spoek’s album Mzansi Beat Code released earlier this year.

Leraba will be releasing a five-track EP later this year featuring Mathambo, Sibot, TrapFunk & Alivio and Sho Madjozi.

Listen to “Shongo Foo” below.

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