By Kamogelo Ramutloa

It was a nippy Tuesday night in Johannesburg, when a pre-Women's Day celebration took place at the famous Truth nightclub. I arrived at the four tier venue, had my name checked at the gate and with my neon wrist band strapped and I was ready to join the party.

As I went through the turnstiles, a strange sight caught my eye: The sight of an empty outdoor dance floor, as there was no music to be showcased on the Terrace Menace this evening. So I headed past the tuck shop and into the warehouse-style Room Four!

As I joined the hundreds of dancers in Room Four, which was to host the much-anticipated Friso of Adana Twins, I noticed how the the upgrades to the room really complemented the music. With restaurant-style booths now to the right, and new screens and lighting installations around the room, Truth has really created a world-class dancing experience.

A common misconception is that DJs need to play hard when playing the “big” clubs, but thankfully the selectors were top notch and knew just what to do to turn up the heat. A special shoutout to Truth management for always being clinical on that front.

Taking charge of Room Four was Weston & Engine, whose versatility always shines through. The dynamic duo brought us all kinds of educated electronic sounds, creating a more intimate vibe. W&E gave the revellers all the elements the needed to keep their groove in check and started of the night in impeccable fashion.

Trancemicsoul was to follow and amped up the crowd with his bass-filled, driving techno sound, leaving fanatics in a heightened atmosphere. A shot of tequila and a beer and I was geared up to engage in the powerhouse set from Friso of Adana Twins, The immaculate sound system transferred an inspiringly uplifting energetic set. Friso showed off his experience behind the decks and ensured that the crowd was left inspired and energised.

Shifting to the upstairs floor is inevitable at Truth as the lineups constantly boast strong artist selections. And this night was no different. Local favorite ShelO lead us with fundamental 4/4 grooves, working the room’s energy to deliver a masterclass minimal set and which the crowd enjoyed every minute of.

Live techno duo Erebus were welcomed for their debut DJ set at Truth, and The pair didn’t need much time to settle in before conjuring a big set. If ever there were any doubts, they have been proven wrong. These two gentlemen are going to make  waves for dance music enthusiasts to surf, and I cannot wait to bear witness to it.

Claudia Lovisa composed a brilliant set with flawless mixing and impeccable track selection to the iconic upstairs dancefloor. And local house music legends Pimp Squad and Sisco Umlambo were given the opportunity to pull out their long-time favourite tunes on the third vinyl floor, which was hard to ignore as you maneuvered around the legendary venue. The duo pulled off a series of clinically selected tracks during their set—gracing us with their masterful skills on the wheels of steel. I was caught up in nostalgia, inspired by how this back-to-back set kicked off hard and impressively with well selected old-school tunes.

Having given us many successful parties over the years, we thank Truth for giving us another opportunity to get down with the finest electronic sounds. I am still excited as ever to see what tricks Truth has up its sleeve for its 18th birthday and know the “Big T” will continue to grow and will continue to play a pivotal role in Johannesburg’s nightlife.

Images by Devon Armstrong Photography