Friso of Adana Twins arrives at Truth on August 8th, bringing the duo’s new tunes and hopefully some unreleased material to the frothing crowds in Johannesburg. And seeing as the next day is a public holiday (Women’s Day), you can be sure that this will be a belter of a night on the town.

Adana Twins have come a long way since their hit-singles “Strange” and “Everyday” on Exploited Records in 2012. Their latest productions have made 2017 an important year for the Hamburg duo, seeing Sasha & John Digweed, Solomun and Tale Of Us play their tunes around the world.

Before Friso arrives in South Africa next week, we chatted with him about this year’s releases and their new-found home label Watergate.

2017 has been a super productive year for you. What brought about this new direction?

Our taste for music has always been changing, or let's say evolving. No matter if we play, produce or listen to it. Especially when we play the entire night, like on our ALL NIIGHT events, it is important for us to play different styles of music. This is something that makes electronic music so special for us. It's a constant learning curve and a constant development. Currently, some of the tracks we produce are only for the dancefloor and we had so much fun to produce it! Our last EP on Watergate is a good example of our diversity. There are three different tracks – slow(er), peak time, and morning hours.

In a previous interview on Pulse, you mentioned that you don’t see yourselves as deep house DJs. What would you say defines your sound?

I would say it is a mixture of electronic music, mostly between house and techno. Deep house has always been more the classic stuff from the old days for me.

What piece of equipment/gear would Adana Twins not be the same without?

Probably Ableton Live. Right now we play a lot with VSTs from TAL. Really nice stuff!

This year started with the release of “Uncompromising”, what was the idea behind the sound and name of the tune?

To produce an uncompromising tune straight for the dancefloor – it works doesn’t it?

How did your relationship with Watergate Records begin ?

Watergate is really important to us. We are huge fans of the club since the day it opened its doors and we had some of our best nights at this wonderful place. Their programme totally fits our style, credible but still true-to-life. Same goes for the label, they only release quality music! Being able to work together with them is a personal milestone in our musical career.

What is the biggest change you have seen take place in dance culture around the world in the last five years? Has the scene become more professional and commercial?

Yes sure – but it has been like this with music or so-called culture all the time I think. If there is a lack of something, creativity will pop up and change things. Maybe a young kid creates a new style everybody falls in love with, or it can be music that sounds like it was made in the early ‘90s.  

Tale Of Us played your new tune “Flowers of Cane” at the Afterlife opening recently. What has the response been like in your sets?

Together with some of our new and unreleased material it is a highlight in every set. It doesn't cease to amaze me to see how people react to your own music. It's a very special feeling.

What can you tell us about the releases you guys have coming out later this year?

There's a track of ours on Watergate's big 15 year anniversary compilation in October and we made a remix for WhoMadeWho, but there is no release date yet. Besides that, we're currently finishing a lot of new material in the studio. Watch out for some surprises!!  

Catch Friso at Truth on August 8th. Visit the event page for more details.